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The Beautiful Mess

March 17, 2010

I am a messy dude.

ask my wife, I am bordering on a pig. My messiness can infest a space quickly. There are no less than 9 empty beverage containers in my workspace as I type. Here is the funny thing, I hate mess. I like tidy.

Call it self loathing.

I was reminded a few weeks ago, of a book titled This Beautiful Mess. The book is all about the sermon on the mount, and the kingdom of God. The world we live in is horribly messy. Rape, murder, genocide, disregard, ignorance, love, beauty, art, compassion all exist in our world.

Here at Switch Yard, we float in that space of mess. We are not here to make it tidy either. We are here to see the beauty, the value, the future that exists inside the mess. I love that. When you realize the mess exists, and is in fact inevitable, you begin to learn to see past it. Through it, better yet, you learn to look deep into it. And see beauty.

We all have that beauty in us. God sees it. Blood and tears wash some of the mess away, but it never disappears. In some cases only a faint outline is left, and in others the marks are permanent and visible… I have a t-shirt that spent the last 8 months in a ball, in the back of my little car. It was stained and yellowed, and smelled like a mixture of bait and old hyundai. I love that shirt, i thought it was beyond saving. My wife washed it for me. It is still stained, and yellowed, but it smells fresh. It is clean, it just carries the evidence of the damage and neglect I put it through… Everyone I come in contact with, whether kid at the drop-in or old church lady, brings mess with them.

Your challenge is to not ignore the mess or pretend it never existed, because without the mess the cleaning process seems irrelevant, your challenge is to embrace the beauty that lies within the mess, and show it to that person.

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  1. Leah Joy permalink
    March 17, 2010 8:31 PM

    We are the mess that exists within the beauty of this world. Our imperfection has tainted the plant, the route of society which trickles down to the simple things in life. It inhibits our ability to love and take time for others. Our mess combined with everyone else’s mess makes life stinky but if we handle the mess with grace we can find those gems in life that were worth going dumpster diving for!

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