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“Have you eaten?”

March 25, 2010

I know a man. Check that, I know many men.


I know a great man. Which is a harder thing for people to say.

He is not perfect, but he’s Irish, so he’s close.

He isn’t rich and powerful, in a Donald Trump kind of way.

He is Rich and Powerful, in a Kingdom of God sort of way.

This man and I spoke yesterday morning a few times. I am not sure if he likes me very much. I can get bogged down in politics and crap at times. He wants to help people.

When we talked  he was happy/angry/focused and a blessing. He was asking about a local fundraiser, and seemed unimpressed that a charity and a radio station had been piggy backed together at the event. That something local, and something out of town were being pushed together.

“I could walk from here to the corner and find someone who is hungry, why would I give my money to a stupid radio station” Bing bing bing…

I have no problem with Christian Radio, in theory. I have a huge problem with people going hungry. So does this man. But as a test, I decided to put his theory on the sidewalk and see.

For those who are click adverse… 0.3 kilometers. 300 meters. I found the following;

1 individual suffering from dementia

3 mentally challenged adults (2 not dressed for the cool breeze ripping down Hastings St. at the time)

2 people who had not had any food that day (I asked them, knowing who they are and their situation)

4 people who need to read this which is just as lethal as any thing i mention.

3 kids who are no longer allowed at school, but who are still enrolled!

And those are just the stories I know!

So this man, is not just right, he is DAMN right.

He has dedicated himself to feeding people. That might sound weird, but it is the case. Kids need breakfast, lunch, and supper to function. He needs kids to function. He feeds kids.

He likes to help out at the school breakfast program, likes isn’t strong enough. I am sure he wished school ran 12 months a year, so he could knowthose kids are always getting fed.

My wife’s Grandma says, “keep a man well fed and you keep him happy“. This man, he is happy if the kids in our town are well fed.

Do you get the point yet, or do I need to say this again, in a different way?

no I don’t?

well I don’t care, here is another one.

On a Tuesday’s here at Switch Yard, when food is never a guarantee he brings food, and not only that, he is working to get our … (wait for it)…  Kitchen set up, so we can prepare more food.

What’s with this man and food?

Its what he can do… isn’t that refreshing? Someone who knows what they can do to help… and makes it their passion, their life!

What can you do? are you passionate? for the sake of God’s Beautifully messy kingdom… Please do it!

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