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a different harvest

October 28, 2010

We are a ministry.

A less than “trendy” ministry.

We don’t protect unborn life, we don’t show up at your door with the money for your heating oil. We don’t cut split and stack your firewood. Nor do we have a parade of our kids flooding your church lobby, or youth group.

I call our type of ministry, seed planting.

The thing with planting seed is, you have to get your hands into the soil. You have to get dirty. There are times you are on all fours in the muck of some ones life. There is sweat, pain, blood, and lots of muck.

Our ministry isn’t seed planting in the heart of the garden… its the rocky edges, the tough soil, the clay, the gravel, the stone. We can’t just throw the seed there, it gets picked at by birds, or washed away by the next rain of pain and trouble. We have to get in deep, move stuff around, and know that patch of ground so well that we know when the seed can take hold.

This type of planting, has a low yield. We sometimes have to celebrate the lack of erosion, instead of harvest. You see, we rarely get to see harvest. We are on all fours, still learning that next place to plant.

We hear stories of our people, moving away, starting a new life… and then being harvested. We see just as many lately, just wither and die.

We see pay cheques go uncashed, bills go unpaid, but we have to carry on. We must abide in His faithfulness and hope. We know for many, the harvest is plenty but the workers are few. For us the harvest seems so distant.

We believe we are where God wants us. In the lives he wants us in, but sometimes we would just love to see one of “our” kids make that big jump. We want to sit in the back of a church and weep, not for the life lost, but for theredemption found. We will just need one, and it will fuel us for a thousand years.

You see, that is the thing with planting, you plant to see harvest. We have been told, that we are wasting our time. Our seeds wont take root, our soil is too tough, too rocky, too leached of any value. So we hold out for a smaller harvest. That bit of fruit. Value understood, worth redemption, created for love and connection. Those are our fruit.

So please, celebrate with us when we see our harvest come in. It may look unfamiliar to you, but trust us, it is glorious!

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