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Serving the Runaway

September 30, 2011

It’s become apparent lately that there are many kids in this community running away from the darkness that surrounds their lives. Running away though to the point that they further isolate themselves from the world to the point that they are finding themselves more and more alone than they started.

This kind of running away is resulting in kids across the region scrambling night after night to find a couch to sleep upon till the next day because they have no where to call home, or looking to other actions or substances that are surrounding them to fill the void that they feel inside.

It’s truly a dark place to be in and it’s something I face each and every day we open the doors here at the Switch Yard. It’s becoming almost common place to be helping a young person find a bed to stay in for a night, or encouraging them to stay on the deck and talk rather than walk into the darkness to find drugs or alcohol. But, that’s why we are here.

We are here because we are a place that can extend that hand up when no one else will. We are that place that will acknowledge the fact that God made them for more and that emptiness they feel can be overflowing with a everlasting love found in the Lord. We are there in the hard times, we are there through the tears, we are there through the pain, always with an open door and a smile.

I am not going to lie, it’s hard witnessing this level of darkness. However, I am encouraged by the word of God and how it is full of countless stories of perseverance and strength that is found through faith in the Creator that loves you. I read the story of Job and see how a man who faced great darkness was shown compassion at his lowest, and it fuels my faith that God’s hand is on these kids no matter what they’re facing.

That’s why we are here, to share that love that we have received. That is why our building is in a park where these kids gravitate in their darkest times, so we can offer that light to them. We are here to share God’s love with these youth at their lowest. And, believe me when I say, we are just vessels of a everlasting love that God is sharing with these kids through an open door and welcoming attitude. May they see that and know there is a better way found in Christ.

Please pray for us as we continue to serve in the dark. Pray that as we serve the runaway that we may share God’s love with them through our actions and our conversations. Pray that we find them places to stay, give them food to nourish, give them a caring person to play pool with, give them the hope that we know they deserve as God’s own.

Pray that we may be there as God’s always there for us; with open arms and compassion.

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