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The moments you know God’s in control

October 7, 2011

Times at the Switch Yard can be testing.

We are often dealing with kids that have built up walls upon walls to any kind of love in fear of being hurt again. No matter how much we show them that God loves them in a life changing way, it can seem like the blockades to this caring are too much. But then God reminds you that He is in control, usually in a way that is inspiring and astounding.

There’s a girl that has been coming in on a regular basis who has defined herself by the walls that she has built up. Years and years of darkness in her family life drove her to a point of hopelessness that brought her to us one day. Now, after being a part of the Switch Yard family for just over a year, this girl who used to do all she could to try to not draw close to anyone is finally becoming herself; the unique person God knitted.

Sure, there are times that she can be a struggle as she continues to fight off her past and the demons that come from that past. No matter how much these kids are trying to turn a new leaf in their lives, the past comes back and tells them that they are not worth living this new life. But, we are there because we have faith that love is patient and are there with them no matter how frustrating it can be to witness these dark times.

The Bible teaches us in 1 Thessalonians 5:14 that we are to, “be patient with them all,” meaning the idle, fainthearted and weak; those we encounter each and everyday here at the Switch. This takes a faith that can only be placed in the Lord, for we are promised that in this love is in our patience and greater joy is found in those we love when we are patient (Matthew 22).

This week, we saw here that this is very true. Even though this girl has tested the patience of many of the people God has put around her to help her, God is there through the patience.

I was talking to her about everything that she has been through lately, and I was able to share how accepting God in my life has allowed me to continue to grow into who God made me to be; God moment number one. But, God moment number two is where I realized that love through patience can change lives.

At the end of the discussion, recalling all the people that have neglected her, all the struggles, all the pain, she asks, “You know, I’ve been wanting to go to church for a while now, just want to see what this whole thing is all about, know of anywhere I can go?”

God works in amazing ways and I can tell you that through the prayer and the love that this girl has been receiving over the past year that He is working. As thrilled as I was to hear those words come out of her mouth and find her someone to go to church with, I was reminded that love is patient and we need to continue to be faithful and love her as God loves us.

This will probably mean more anger, more fear and more tears; but we will be patient and love as God directed and let Him work in this hard heart. In the end, God’s in control of the situation, we are just trying to be faithful followers.

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