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Cause He who is in me….I will rise

November 4, 2011

Life’s hard. Seriously. We are talking about no cake walk when we are talking about life. Seriously, take a look at your life, and honestly tell me it has been a breeze and has come with no heartache, struggle, pain or anguish. If you are saying that, take a harder look because there has to be some hard times that you have come across.

But, you are here. Those hard times, no matter how trying or devastating they could be, you are at your computer or on your phone reading this. It’s safe to say too that you are probably stronger as a result of it, that the pain has made you a better person today.

We all have these scars to bear and the best thing about these scars is that we have seen God’s love through each and every one of them. We have grown through these and exist to share the story, be alive and be living examples of the hope we have in the creator who has saved us.

It’s become so valuable over the past week in talking to each and everyone of the kids that come through our front door that everyone can help save these kids out of the darkness that they feel trapped in. As followers of Christ, we carry our scars proudly in knowing that we have a God that loves and will never give up on us in our failings and will always be there to lift us up when we are down.

That’s faith, and we can share that confidence in this never ceasing love and be a light of true hope in these kids lives. All it takes is being examples of true hope. Knowing that each and everyone of these kids has their stories of pain and suffering that many have just accepted as who they are. We know that is not the case, we know that God loves them and can lift them out of whatever trial they face. We know that because we have experienced that love first hand. In sharing that, we can be that light in these young people’s lives and see heart’s change.

It’s not to say that it’s an immediate change, we all stumble, but it is sharing that confidence in God’s strength and love that we can encourage these young people to rise from it all through that everlasting love. That’s the true hope we share; the hope we have in God.

Songwriter Shawn McDonald wrote a song called “Rise” which presents the words I long these kids to live by each and every day. To be able to find hope and keep true hope in whatever they face in He that is Christ.


Yes I will rise,

Out of these ashes rise,

From this trouble I have found,

And this rubble on the ground,

I will rise.

Cause He, who is in me,

Is greater than I will ever be

And I will rise. 

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  1. June 27, 2012 5:22 PM

    Just ran across your blog and want to thank you for these words. So timelessly true.

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