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Looking for the wrong escape

November 24, 2011

Though you can never peg one specific issue that our youth are dealing with, there seems to one that continually comes to my attention during our programs. Many are looking for escape.

This is not to say that they are living their life like an Indiana Jones movie, but many inside who they are facing something that sounds something like that. They feel trapped, isolated, bound by a variety of things that they feel defines who they are. The sad thing is they look for anything in the world that will get them out these binds.

It’s almost like they are an emotional MacGyver; looking around what’s outside of them to find their only escape, but when they find what they think is an escape, there is only another trap in front of them.

We see this at the centre all the time. One night, I was talking to one of our regular kids who began talking about how they were jumping on a bus tomorrow to a bigger city centre with no place to live, no job or no school to attend. I could not believe the extent that this person was willing to take to find this escape, so desperate that they are willing to get on a bus and go to a new place and be homeless.

After taking the time to understand why this drastic change was needed, it all stemmed from a place of conflict and frustration with friends and family. An issue that many of us see as a place of solution builds into a trap of pain moving hundreds of kilometers away seemed to be the easiest way to get out of the situation.

The problem with the easiest route is that it can always lead to further trouble. This is why Jesus tells us to take the narrow path. In the parable, we are told we face two paths, the open, easy trail and the narrow, challenging path that Jesus tells us to take. We take that knowing that we will grow from our mistakes and the faith that God loves us to protect us every step of the way when we are with him. This faith comes from a change within that we need to accept from the loving father.

This is why each and every escape that we take from the world will just lead to more overwhelming struggle, because we are relying on the world and not God. Whether it be a change of location, change of families, change of consciousness; it seems easy, but all it is is an emotional ball of twine, paper clip and coconut escape plan.

Protection and true escape comes in the form of an everlasting love from God that we are to rely on no matter what comes our way.

The best part, it’s available always when we come to God and devote ourselves to His protection, His direction, His love, we are freed.

We can share that escape by saving these kids from the path of the world by showing them the love that has transformed and saved us.

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