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This is crazy! We know and like it that way.

December 16, 2011

As I spend time looking at all of the things we are planning for the Switch Yard in 2012, it has really began to dawn on me that here in this centre we are absolutely crazy. Seriously, when you start to think about the things we do here, it goes against so much of what the world says is the solution.
Opening the doors of a building to young people who are struggling with addiction, depression, broken homes, no homes at all and sharing with them a love that will look beyond that and provide a true way of life; that’s crazy. It’s especially crazy to think that the Switch Yard has been doing this for now over 17 years for the young people of this community.
To the world, we should all be in straight-jackets, sedated and in padded rooms. Instead, we are blessed to be serving a God that says crazy is the only way to do it. By faith, we go out into the darkness that is bombarding the lives of these young people and share the saving love that has saved us by being there for them through it all. It’s absolutely crazy, that’s the way we like it.
By stepping out and being the salt in these kids lives, we here have seen so much growth and openness throughout the past year and the history of this centre that it’s hard to not continue riding this crazy train that we like to define as a mission.
One of our longest serving volunteers here always says that whether you are behind the counter, on the couches or holding a pool cue, you cannot leave these doors without being changed in someway. This is so true! Two years ago I met a girl who couldn’t come through these doors without potential of almost getting into a fight. Now, she is the one fighting the issues like addiction and anger that have hurt her for so long through the unconditional love God is sharing with her that through it all giving her a hope that she still needs to get used to.
Two years ago, I was a reporter coming in to this centre to talk to some guys about some skate park they wanted to bring to Bancroft. As I walked out of the meeting, I was approached by these young people during the drop-in program who were just looking for someone to talk to. Now, I am sitting in the same basement I attended that meeting within, not reporting on the work but doing the work that God has called me to do.
I am crazy, we all are. Let’s continue to be that difference in these kids lives. Let us own this label of crazy the world puts on us and continue to share God’s love with the youth of this community and introduce them to the hope that can be found in His unconditional love.

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