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A Day On The Deck

October 5, 2012

Just yesterday, I am just coming back from the skateboard park after hanging out with a group of guys from the high school during their lunch, and two guys show up on the deck. At first, they just seem like they are stopping in for a visit, but they were craving answers.

They both began to share with me how much they just wanted to be happy. Each had their trials and tribulations throughout their lives where they thought they were doing things that would make them happy. The sex, the drugs, the drinking, the brief moments of having money enough to go party with, but they were still craving a happiness that lasted.

I talked to them about what happiness truly is and more where it stems from. That happiness can never be found in things like money or substances, but it needs to come from a heart changed and transformed by the love of God. That in our lives we are always going to face challenges and hardships, but when we realize that God loves us, and when we look to Him he will carry us through those hard times and bring us closer to Him through it all.

True happiness comes from a life devoted, changed and forgiven through the death and resurrection of Jesus that takes that weight of our sin, our struggles and brings us to life. That is the truest happiness that they could feel; the incredible and forever love of God that He has for His people.

This is the exact reason why we are here. This is why we do Switch Yard. To provide an open door to the youth of this community, for them to see the value and love that there is for them from God. That no matter what has happened in their lives or what they have done, the death and resurrection of Jesus can carry that weight and they can receive life because they are loved more than they can ever imagine.

We are explicit about the Gospel because our heart for these youth stems from the love that we, as Christ followers, have been saved by through the work of Jesus. We are free and saved by this Gospel, and we share that hope and love we have been shown by God to the countless youth we meet each and every day.

It’s a forever light that guides out of love, and it brings a hope to all dark situations that God loves and saves. It’s a true life, a true kind of happiness.  

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