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Our friend Pat

October 19, 2012

God is incredible in how his love for us can drive us to lives of compassion and care for others around us. Many of us can think of those people in our lives who would, at the drop of a hat, give up their entire day just to help you out with anything that you need help with and it was clear that heart to do that came from a love for God and His love for all.

Today, our community is remembering a man that exemplified this kind of compassion. A man that gave so much of his time and hard work to help the young and old in this community without ever hesitating. We all know him and will remember him as our friend Pat.

Pat was the kind of guy that you couldn’t help but respect. Many of his days spent throughout the community helping people who needed that hand up in their day. You could find him piling wood for those who could not, helping build something for someone who needed an extra hand or even serving food to students who did not get a breakfast; Pat was a busy guy, but served out of a true heart for all in need.

Not only would he give his time in work, but Pat will also be remembered as a man who was just there for people. When not working, it was common to see him out in the community talking to people, watching sporting events or just having coffee with folks from the community, he was there for people.

And most of all, he was a proud parent and grandparent and great husband. Many of the times you saw Pat he would bring up his family and it would bring a smile to his face. If his grandchildren or his children were involved in something, Pat and his wife would be there no question to support, cheer and clap. He was truly a man who loved the family God blessed him with.

Pat’s heart for others was something incredible and unique. He was truly someone who was always there for those who needed that helping hand where ever he could. A true inspiration to the many who knew him as a friend. He brought a smile out of everyone he encountered daily and showed a care that many people couldn’t help but notice. The reason his heart for others was so amazing and different was become it came from a true love of God.

One thing is for sure, when we all remember our friend Pat, we remember that he was a man who  loved God and was driven to an unworldly driven heart from that love. He saw the needs and struggles of the people he met each and everyday in this community and shared with them God’s love through being there and serving folks in this community. A heartfelt compassion is what he shared for the hunger families in this area, the impoverished, those struggling with the loss of a loved one, those who were sick and those in great need.

It was out of a love for God that he so generously cared for all, something that we who were blessed enough to call him a friend will always smile about, be encouraged by and never forget. Our friend Pat is home now with God and for that we can smile despite the fact we all miss him a lot. However, our friend Pat will always be remembered for his heart for God and for others and the blessing that has been in all our lives.

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