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Introducing: Angela, our new Director

September 18, 2013

Hi everyone!

My name is Angela, and I’m the new Director at the Switch Yard.
I moved to the Bancroft community from Peterborough in July 2012 with my husband to support his career. For the past year I worked with great thanks of having a job here in Bancroft, but knowing and trusting that there was something else for me in this community. In June 2013, I felt very led to go to the Switch Yard to offer my time for volunteering. Through the following weeks, God showed me his faithfulness and answered prayers  – assuring me that he is always there, caring and loving for us.  He showed me the beautiful community at the Switch Yard, and gave me a desire and passion for working here. After a few meetings with the Board, I was given the position of the Director of the Switch Yard.  It is with a trusting and happy heart that I am here today, and would like to share a little bit about my thoughts on this position and Youth Center in the community.

I see the Switch Yard as a safe place for youth to come and feel loved. This is our ultimate goal – we want to provide programming and resources to help mentor youth, provide a positive presence in their lives and encourage them to see beyond the struggle and see the amazing person God has made each of them to be.

Through our work with Youth and the community at large, we strive to reflect the love and heart of God. It is our prayer that by doing this, we will see the lives of young (and old!) people in North Hastings be transformed and changed by the introduction, acceptance and knowledge of the love of Christ.

It is not a secret that I’m new to this position, and to the the responsibility of being a Director of an organization. I need encouragement, guidance and prayer. Without a doubt, God led me to this position – I did not seek it out or push myself into it. God has a plan, and I’m confident he’ll display it as he has already, and as time unfolds. This is what I know to be true, and I can have confidence in my role here with God’s direction. If you are in the area, drop by – introduce yourself and let me know what role you play. We appreciate and value every prayer, every ounce of participation, every volunteer, every donation … everything.

Thank you for partnering with us in this journey.
I am so excited and curious to see what God has planned for this year and the every day life here at the Switch Yard.
Looking forward to meeting you,

Email me at:
phone me at the office: 613-332-3108
follow us on Twitter: @theswitchyard
find us on Facebook:

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