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Get out and run.

September 26, 2013

I went for a run this morning. If you know me, you know that this isn’t usually something I particularly enjoy doing… but lately, I’ve been doing it a lot more often.

Running is my time to think, my time to pray, and my time to reflect on things that are difficult to think about when distractions are around me through out the day. So, I run.

Since moving to Bancroft, I have enjoyed running and walking much more than when I lived in the city. The particular road I enjoy to run on has only a handful of homes and cottages on it, and the rest is a dirt road, well shaded and quiet. I can run for 5k and not see a single car or person for the entire run. I can smell the forest nearby, hear loons calling and suspect deer, moose and bears aren’t very far away (don’t worry, I’m too fast for them to catch me). It’s easy to think and talk to God when I’m out there.

It’s no lie that sometimes I don’t enjoy it. I would rather be at home, sitting on my deck drinking coffee, but I know that mentally and physically it is good great for me to get out and run.  I never would have thought that running would be an outlet for me.
I would encourage you to find an outlet to take time for yourself in a day. Find a way to think without distractions or people nearby. Naps don’t count! – make your mind active and find quiet with purpose.

I started writing about running today because our Fall Colours Walk/Run is coming up on Saturday, October 12.

The team at Core Health Fitness is organizing it with our help, and all proceeds from signing up are being given to the Switch Yard. The run is being held on Thanksgiving Saturday, with hopes that you and your family and/or friends can come together to enjoy a morning outside, and at the same time support the Switch Yard. Maybe, if you start to practice walking or running with anticipation of our Colours Run, you can find your outlet too…
I’ll be jealous if your outlet is drinking coffee and journaling.

I hope to see you October 12! Spread the word, sign up here:

~ Angela M


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