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Unreachable – the true story of Darrell Tunningley

November 18, 2013

Recently, a new friend invited me to attend a fundraiser/event with a guest speaker  – Darrell Tunningley. His talk was a great introduction to reading his book “Unreachable”, which truly outlines his life experiences so far, and what brought him to Christ.
His story is the story of a troubled youth who goes to prison because of armed robbery, heavy drugs and super-bad habits. In his last year of time in prison, he takes an alpha course because of the free coffee and biscuits, and this eventually led him to Christ (shortest version I could offer – read the book for amazing details!)
I would like to share a segment of the book, at the very end that nicely ties together the story and the “real world” – to me, the Switch Yard.

“If you’re reading this wondering how you can reach out to people like I do, just start a conversation. Maybe you’re telling yourself you’re too old, too different from the youth you see around you, that you don’t have anything to offer. But just like those old nuns who sat in a room full of convicts, you have all the answers they need. You know the only Person who can turn their lives around; you have the only solution to their problems. You can introduce them to Jesus. God has given you all you need to reach out to them;  you just have to start a conversation.
Remember that God gave you two eyes, two ears, two hands and two feet, but only one mouth. We should see twice as much, listen twice as much, do twice as much, and go twice as far before we ever speak.
We must earn the right to be listened to by showing the love of God. Once the young people see that love, they will ask the questions that will lead them to Jesus.”

That’s why we are here.
That’s why our volunteers and partners are amazing, and SO important.
This is why we are here. Present. Willing.
We play games, we chat, we cook, we eat. We engage in conversation.


Thanks to Darrell T. for sharing. You can follow him and his work on twitter @DarrellGB, and please read here:

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