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2014 at the Switch Yard

January 21, 2014

It’s January, and it’s COLD! This morning it is a frigid -25, and I believe it will stay this way for a few days.
From my few months of winter experience at the Switch Yard, when it is this cold, we see a decline in attendance of programs – namely drop-in. Obviously! If I had the choice to stay in my cozy bed/house this morning, I probably would have! 
When there’s a decrease in numbers, it’s not always a bad thing. Smaller groups means that we can focus a little bit more on the individual. Ask more questions, get to know them. Hang out and hear what they have to say, how they are feeling. Enjoy a *little* bit of quiet (but I shouldn’t fool you, it’s not often quiet)! Taking time to sit, talk, enjoy, have fun, play a game, drink a pop. Invest in each other and learn about one another. This leads to a deep caring for each other. 
Don’t get me wrong – we aim to do this whether we have 30 youth or 10 youth – but the quieter nights give us an opportunity that we don’t want to miss to invest and make friends.

Our programs for 2014 are shaping up like this:
School / Mentoring Program – every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am – 2pm. We have quite a few students that are very close to graduating right now, so lots of work has been accomplished!
Boys Club – Every Tuesday after school, 8-10 boys from the Elementary Schools come here to hang out, socialize, eat yummy food and have fun. This program is run in collaboration with Children’s Mental Health Services & Maggie’s Resource Centre.
Drop-in – Every Tuesday from 7-9pm & Thursday from 6-9pm our door is open for youth to come hang out. We have a pool table, ping pong table, many games, computers, Wii and more – and the warm food and tasty treats is always a hit!
Girl’s Club – New! Thursdays after school (4-6pm), we have started the Girl’s Only Club! We’ll do crafts, baking, cooking, talk, listen to music, and more. Girls aged 12 – 16 are welcome to join us.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS, 2014 Winter Events:  

Day at the Spa – Sunday, February 16th. details TBD 
Fundraising Breakfast – Saturday, March 1st., details TBD
(check back here or on Facebook for details very soon)

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